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    In 2010, I put forth a plan to revitalize the Office of the Sheriff and return it to its constitutional primacy in response to ever growing complaints from the people of police brutality, corruption, evidence planting, perjury on the witness stand, and city government corruption, fraud waste and abuse. My plan is simple and that is to enforce the civil and criminal laws of the State of Maryland and to uphold and defend the Maryland Declaration of Rights, and the Constitution for the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Wiggins Plan:


To provide the residents of Baltimore with the best elected law enforcement possible our teams of advisors have proposed the following structural adjustments to the operational structure of the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office:
We first propose to enact Community Peace Keeping , which is essentially a return to the enforcement of all civil laws including the Maryland Declaration of Rights and the common law  in partnership with  the residents and citizens of Baltimore, and our partners in city government and in the business community.
In order to restore the people's trust in law enforcement, we propose that Deputies assigned to the current field enforcement units , domestic violence units, and child support enforcement and internal affairs  units be merged to form a new Community Peace Keeping Division.

The primary objective of the Community Peace Keeping Division will be to promote peace in our communities  on two levels: domestic peace within families and the broader community, as, well as, peace  within the governmental operation of  the Municipal Corporation of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore State of Maryland Agencies operating within the jurisdiction of Baltimore City, by  and through the regulation of the internal government and police thereof by the enforcement of  the Maryland Declaration of Rights to promote justice, fairness, impartiality and speedy redress of grievances, and to eliminate fraud waste abuse corruption and color of law abuses by appointed law enforcement and government officials .
The Structure of the Community Peace Keeping Division:

Field Enforcement Unit:

Will continue to execute all legal documents and orders, execute all sheriffs' sales for real property and chattels  the execution of all process originating from the Rent Court including Eviction Orders, establish liaisons with the leadership of the community associations within the districts wherein they are assigned, establish regular community peace keeping patrols with the residents of said areas.
Domestic Affairs Unit:

The Domestic Affairs Unit will be a merger of the domestic violence units,  child support enforcement, and child support warrant  units which will serve and execute all documents received from the Circuit Court Paternity Division for Child support Cases, enforcement and service of Domestic Violence and Peace Orders of the District and Circuit Courts, and locate and arrest individuals wanted on Child Support and paternity warrants in Baltimore City.
Governmental Affairs Uni / Anti-Corruption Unit:
The current Internal Affairs Unit will be transformed into the Governmental Affairs Unit, and its mission will be to take and investigate complaints against Sheriff's Deputies, Government Officials, Individuals and Corporations who have committed violations of the civil and criminals laws of Maryland.
Special Operations Unit:
The Special Operations Unit's mission will be to provide a Warrant Task Force, Special Response Team, Witness Protection Unit and Communications Units whose missions will remain to provide partnerships with other state and federal law enforcement agencies as requested.
All deputy sheriffs will be given moving violation books to enforce all motor vehicle laws. 

The Judicial Security Division's mission will  be to  provide security in both Circuit Court buildings and Department of Juvenile Justice  Center, and will be divided into the following units:
Security Unit:

The Security Unit provide security to the judges, employees, citizens and prisoners entering the courthouses, to attend  the sessions of the law courts,  to ensure that the work of the courts be properly and expeditiously conducted, to maintain order and decorum in the courtrooms and hallways, to ensure during attendance of sessions of the law courts , the enforcement of the Maryland Declaration of Rights and Constitution for the United States and that the people's  right to access the Foreman and Grand Jury are not denied or abridged.
Court Assignment -
The mission of the Court Assignment Unit will  be maintaining the custody of the prisoners as they are escorted to and from the courtrooms during their trial. Should a jury be requested overnight, the deputy is required to provide 24-hour security, which includes transportation to and from overnight accommodations.
Transportation/ Lockup Unit
The mission of the Transportation/ Lockup Unit responsible for providing transportation for the transfer of prisoners on a daily basis from the sheriff's holding facility to the place of incarceration, to which prisoners have been remanded.
K-9 Unit - 
Trained explosive detection dogs and its handler patrol the two Courthouses and Department of Juvenile Justice Center on a regular basis as part of the Sheriff's Homeland Security initiative.

 The Administrative Division will be divided into the following units:

Miles/Warrant Control Unit:- 
The mission of the Miles/Warrant Control unit will  be to verify criminal and warrant information quickly on individuals from records of the Baltimore City Circuit Court Warrants  that are housed and entered in a national and local database system.

Accounting Department: 
The mission of the Accounting Department will be to processes and collects all fines and court costs set by the Courts.

24 Hour / 7 Day 911 and 311 Criminal and Civil Dispatch Services:

The mission of the 24/7 911 and 311 Dispatch Civil and Criminal Enforcement Services will be to provide the Citizens of Baltimore with the Sheriff’s Peace Keeping Duties, which will help to resolve such issues like serving Domestic Violence/Peace Order Summonses, preventing illegal evictions and lock out, assisting families with mental health issues where no criminal violations have been perpetrated by persons in need of mental health screening.

Chief of Community Peace Keeping 
Chief of Field Operations
Chief of Domestic Affairs
Chief of Governmental Affairs
Chief of Judicial Security
Special Operations Chief
Director of the Administrative Division 

 Proposed Tactical Sections:
Sheriff’s Office Warrant Units, Special Response Team, Witness Protection Unit, Field Enforcement Section, Communication Section, Transportation Section, Training Section Domestic Violence Unit. 
Special Operations Section that will be comprised of warrant service, federal taskforce assignments, K-9, child support enforcement and special enforcement details.
Proposed Training Initiatives:

Like their counterparts in law enforcement organizations throughout the nation, the Baltimore Sheriff's Office has a need for specialized training and equipment to meet the challenges of modern police work. Some of the specialized skills the Baltimore Sheriffs’ Office will need to  be developed to better serve the citizens in our jurisdiction are expertise in emergency medicine, special weapons and tactics, computer and radar technology, SCUBA diving, aviation, boating, communications and facility with foreign languages.

We Propose to enact the aforemenion and following changes based on the Maryland Declaration of Rights, Maryland’s English Common, and Maryland Judicial Precedents based on the following  Maryland Common Law Authorities.


 Common Law Authorities:

“The office of Sheriff is the most important of all the Executive offices of the county”--Thomas Jefferson, “The Value of Constitutions”

"As conservator of the peace in his county or bailiwick, he is the representative of the king, or sovereign power of the State for that purpose….commit to prison all persons who break the peace or attempt to break it….He is bound, ex officio, to pursue and take all traitors, murderers, felons, and other misdoers, and commit them to jail for safe custody" -Daniel South v. Maryland, 59 U.S. 396 (1856)
Article IV, § 44 of the Maryland Constitution provides for the election of a sheriff in each county and Baltimore City. In the absence of a constitutional specification of the duties of the office, a sheriff exercises the powers and perform the duties prescribed by the common law, except as modified by statute. See  Soper  v. Montgomery County, 294 Md. 331, 337, 449 A.2d 1158 (1982); 79 Opinions of the Attorney General 83 (1994); 54 Opinions of the Attorney General 387, 389-90. (1969). 
Among the common law powers and duties of a sheriff was the duty to appoint, direct, and remove deputiesRucker v. Harford County, 316 Md. 275, 290, 558 A.2d 399 (1989) (citing 1 Anderson on Sheriffs, Coroners and Constables §§60, 85, 145 (1941)). 

The United States Supreme Court:  
In matters within the scope of the Sheriff’s duties and powers, the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county, and he has no superiors in the performance of these aforementioned common-law, constitutional and statutory duties.  
The Sheriff represents the sovereignty of the State and he has no superiors in his county and in the execution of his law enforcement duties the Sheriff represents the state and a “county commission has no direct control over how the sheriff fulfills his law enforcement duty”. McMillian v Monroe County, 520 US 781, 791, 792-94; 117 S Ct 1734 (1997).

Proposed Force Strength:
We propose the following Force Strength at the Command and Control Levels as follows:
One(1) Chief Deputy sheriff; One(1) Assistant Sheriff ; Five(5) Deputy Sheriff Majors ,(5) Five Deputy Sheriff Captains; Ten(10) Deputy Sheriff Lieutenants; Two(2) Secretary Sheriffs; and Two One(2) Fiscal Clerk Sheriffs; for a total of 31 Command and Control Staff.

We propose the following force strength:
 Twenty(20) Deputy sheriff sergeants; Two hundred (200) Deputy Sheriffs; Two(2) Domestic Violence Clerks; and Two (2) Domestic Violence Advocates.
Maryland Statutory Authority:
Md. COURTS AND JUDICIAL PROCEEDINGS Code Ann. § 2-309(d)  Baltimore City(2014)
§ 2-309. Sheriffs--- Salaries and expenses; deputies; employees; equipment; inmate labor 

 Wiggins Mission Statement:

Our Mission: 
Enforcement of the Maryland Declaration of Rights; and all laws enacted by the Maryland Legislature. 
Community Peace Keeping
Court Security/ Court Assignment Protection
Ending Government Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
Ending Police Brutality
Ending Government Official Corruption

Ending Police Corruption

Ending Judicial Corruption

Ending the Drug War

Ending Sanctuary City Policies

Ending the Opioid Crisis

Getting addicts off of our strets and into treatment facilities

Ending the 30 Year Long Culture of Corruption

Creating an Anti-Corruption Unit

Initiating an Impartial Investigation into the Murder of Detective Sean Suiter

Restoring the Peoples Access to the Grand Jury

Restoring the Primacy of the Sheriff's Law Enforcement Duties

Restoring Constitutional Law Enforcement

Restoring Prayer in Schools.

Restoring the Rights of Parents to Discipline Their Children

24/7 911 and 311 Dispatch Civil and Criminal Enforcement Services

Restoring Trust in the police and internal government.

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Suiter Murdered

 WHY – Is this such a strong passion?  Why Baltimore?

1. Because I'm not a part of or connected in any way with the Culture of  Corruption" of the BPD and the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore      Municipal Corporation.

 2. I submit to you, an irrefutable truth, and that truth is, there is   something terribly wrong within this unaccountable municipal corporation, isn't there?

 Malfeasance, blood libeling, real property theft through fraudulent   water bills, negligence, gun running, drug dealing, evidence planting, extrajudicial executions under color of law, theft from the school system, judicial injustice, and oppression, from the very people we elected to represent us in government.

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